Named best child image in the world and best portrait in the world in 2007 to take the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Grand Award.


Deservedly so! I really really love this shot and think you should make it into posters :)

Thank s Cathy. I have decided on releasing a limited edition of it after our conversation earlier in the year.

Mick Nero

Hi Chris, this is a great photo.

i love the pout on her lips and the determination in her face. i just heard the song “run the world (girls)” by beyonce for the first time last night, and i think that song could be in her head (minus the profanity of course). :)

Love the depth of this photo. Beautiful!

Amazing shot! Such determination on such a young face! Well done!


Wow, this is a great photo! I love the way this looks like it is from another time. Adorable!

I adore this image. It’s such a beautiful photo that it looks like it could have been a painting. Your work is humbling Chris!

Your work is like nothing I’ve seen. Love the different tones, definitely memorable work.


congrats on the awards, and I can see why,,, beautiful image,,, love the mist,,, love everything about this, well done

Very expressive! Excellent photo. Congrats on the awards – well deserved!

Kathy Gonzales

Beautiful black and white photos! Very impressive!

Absolutely adorable!!

So wonderful! I love this.

Absolutely, totally priceless!!!!!! Oh heavens … soooo much emotion … and your title is soooooo perfect!!!!!!

too cute!!! love this!

This is fabulous!!

i can see why outstanding work

Excellent work! Congratulations on the well deserved awards!


Excellent. Love it.

Wow, what a wonderful image, I love it. No wonder it took out the award, outstanding :)

wonderful image, brilliant

Thats a fabulous pic…love it!!

OMG outstanding image!! Truely wonderful capture :-)

Amazing image! congrats!!

this is beyond spectacular, the depth, the mood, the story telling… incredible!

What an incredible image, dramatic background, wonderful expression on this young childs face and your title is perfect!

Ohhh, this is soooo wonderful!!

Congrats, well deserved!! It is perfect..

Love it, Chris! So many things I love about it I don’t even know where to begin. No wonder it was named the best. :)

Ingrid Sonja

An absolutely stunning shot!


ABSOLUTELLY LOVE IT!!!!!! brilliant!

Fabulous, works on so many levels.—Rene

wow! this is stunning!

tereza delpilar

lol this is fabulous!!

FANTASTIC, extremely sweet and beautifully done !!

Very cute!

Trish Meyer

Brilliant !!!


just brilliant Chris….. and i love the title ;0)

vraiment excellent ,j adore le fantastique

Charming!!! ohhh my God!

such a great expression on her face – a great portrait – full of atmosphere.

cute…great expression

Just wonderful!

Brilliant capture!

Fantastic shot! Beautiful work

wow first congrats on ur awards and the image is very nice!!


Well Deserved!! priceless doesnt begin to say it!

the look on her face just says it all lol …. MEN PFFT …. lol stunning pic.. congrats on the awards :)

fantastic work

wow wow wow!

And totally agree with all compliments above,and yet to come! :)


men… for sure~
so so cute… : )

Rightfully so! This is an amazing photo, with all the right ingredients to become “iconic”. Well done!

(perfect title :)


Excellent image…so cute…love it

Now here’s a woman who knows what she wants!!Fantastic Image!!!

beautiful image! it really deserves everything you have got from it…and i love the title…says it in one word! well done

WOW – great job Chris – excellent!

This is delightful.. :)))

Fabtastic! love it

Brilliant work Chris. Congratulations. Very well deserved.


oh my. this is amazing

Karen K Smith

the brilliance of excellence! COngrats too!

Yes! This one I had seen before ! Congratulations on this fantastic image!

Lorena Lo

hahahahha so precious…. lov her expresion!!

All the awards were absolutely well-deserved!
Fantastic artwork! :)


Very nice !

great work great all round images well done my friend


beautifully well done and congratulations!!!! beautiful child. hugsxxx ( she must have been born on a Saturday, Saturday’s child works hard for a living haha)

breathtaking! words can’t make justice to this brilliant photo.


lol greatness

Just a sensational image

beautiful image


fantastic by all means!!!

Well done – this is brilliant! x

Stunning! Congrats on the well deserved awards!

Amazing work! :)

LOL Made me laugh. The expression on the little girl’s face is perfectly captured.

This is BRILLIANT! I see why it was awarded. Wonderful work and perfect title :)

Congratulations on the awards, its a magnificent photo!

Jane Solomon

Gorgeous! Congratulations. x

Congratulations! This just blows my mind – no words could give the accolades it deserves.

Well deserved – fantastic image

Oh yes – very much the BEST! Wow!


Awesome work Chris…love it!


Magnificent image. Congrats.

Wow. Absolutely fantastic. The best. Yes. The title, the look. So apt.

Wow, absolutely gorgeous.

well deserved!!.. this is a timeless shot!!.. excellent!! =D

Awh LOL that is too adorable! Yes agree LOL Men! instant fav!


Incredibly creative! Masterful………

This is FAB! Well deserving of the awards you won for this image.

The image is top quality add to that the inspired title & this is a winning image. This should sell big time!!


I can see why, it is sensational. Beautiful work, I love it.

Wooooooow just woooooooow amaaaaazing work! Instant fav!

wow! Sensational work!

Love love this Chris!

baz feldman

I can see why it was judged the best. A truly stunning capture mate.

Well done, Chris!

favourite favourite 100 times favourite

Amazing shot !

LOL brilliant shot and title :)

Outstanding work, Chris!

ha, great image :)

o my heavens – tis gorgeous this

This is fabulous..wonderful image and congratulations on the win, it was so well deserved, this is priceless;)


what an outstanding speaks volumes

Congrats on your awards. Well deserved for such a beautiful image.


Haha, love the title, just perfect! Beautiful image!!

Margaret C

Fantastic shot

Fantastic : what a great shot!

brilliant… & such character here!!


Wonderful treatment. Very powerful photo Chris !!!

Aww… wonderful!

Oh the madness of a scorned five year old woman…what’s a man to do?

I Love It

LOL!! Soooooo cute, what a wonderful image! :D


Beautiful image!


hehehe this is tooo sweet!

Congrats on the brilliant award. I can see why. Well done indeed and an instant fave.

Just a wonderful and iconic image!

Louise Linossi Telfer

wow Chris, incredible work

Superb :)

wow outstanding shot very unique child shot

Oh my, Chris I actually gasped out loud when I saw this – and now have goosebumps. This image is totally fabulous. Everything about it. Congratulations.


A girl on a mission!! Wonderful work…absolutely LOVE it!!

oh this is such a priceless piece of work, absolutely fantastic !

A wonderful face for this photo, beautiful work!

image is black but result is pure golden

S P Fisher

outstanding work!!

Martin Dingli

Excellent image

This is an unbelievable image. I’m speechless, and everything I want to say has been expressed above!!! This is standout, pro-of-the-pros work.

beautiful image, lovely work, congrats on your awards

This is wonderful!!

I’m in love with your gallery!!!!!!

So well deserved of its awards! Superb!!!

masterpiece work!!! Love it :)

This is so deserving of all the praise and awards….
It really captivated me (and put a big smile on my face!)


Superb work Chris, congrats on all the awards!



Amazing pic!! Great stuff…

congrats wonderful image

Ha too cute…she’s outa there…:)


WOW…Chris this is really AMAZING,,,it is one of the BEST images I have ever seen …ever…BRAVO to you


Absolutely with good reason. This image has a hundred stories all in one. Browsing through your site, your photography just takes everything to a more abstract and creative level. I love that you aren’t afraid of a little grain! I’m looking at putting a few images into the print competition at WPPI this year and have no idea where to start!

Super viewing – Superb Work !……Tony

such a brilliant shot and play on implications with that title, it’s no surprise to me that it’s a big contest winner… congratulations chris

Fabulous image!! Her look is priceless. :-)

Congratulations with the awards – amazing shot. Michelle


Awesome work! Well deserving of all accolaides.



Damienne Bingham

Impressive credentials – congratulations! Beautifully put together image – the tones, light and textures are wonderful!





This is an amazing portrait! Well deserved awards and accolades!


I know the feeling, this is beautiful :)

Hans Laurendeau

Everything is there. Wonderful ! BRAVO!

awwwwh that is SO cute!!

hehe! excellent!

It´s a old shot?
amazing one really good composition.

love it:)

Great story from the past… really nicely done..

Hilarious! Well staged…


this pic is brilliant…funny…intense..and cute!

nice atmosphere !!!

Haha that’s adorable. The titles made me laugh even more.

Tony F

UnReal!!!…never seen anything like this, Cool faces in the suitcase. Fantastic Job!!!!!!…Insant Fav

beautiful sensation…
Great work


Beautiful photograph.


Just fantastic!!!

Just super

that’s fantastic!

makes me laugh

This is really adorable…love the title :^)

Great shot!

Look at her face!

Just amazing. Reminds me of the atmosphere evoked by Les Miserables posters.
Bravo indeed.

This image is double rainbows! Hats off to you, sir!

This takes my breath away! It looks like a painting! Awesome work, Chris!

like it so much

great shot!!!

This is a wonderful shot. Very cute… yet moody…. the atmosphere and lighting are stunning….. Nice work.

Such a wonderful “huffy-puffy” attitude on this little beauty!


you shot this?! ha! awesome! ive seen it in this photo magazine i get every month….very nice!! congrats!

great emotion captured in this image. congrats on the award, Chris. Truly a great accomplishment.


Good for you!!! You deserve the honor! :)

Hi Chris, came across you site while looking in the wp forums. I really glad I found it. Your work is oustanding as is this image.


This is awesome! It looks like a painting!